Strep Throat Info & Facts

Strep Throat Information and Facts

Link: CDC Website

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Strep throat is a very common bacterial infection that may cause a sore, scratchy throat. 
The infection is generally transmitted by direct contact with the mucus or sores of someone else with strep.

Strep throat can be spread by: 
Sharing drinks

Common symptoms include:

sore throat
white spots in throat
swollen lymph nodes in the neck
pain when swallowing
chills malaise
nausea and vomiting

Strep throat usually resolves within a few days to weeks. Treatment is important to reduce complications; antibiotics are generally prescribed to resolve a strep infection. Other medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help with pain and fever.

The best way to prevent strep throat is to practice good hand washing regularly. It is also important to cover your cough and sneeze, wash infected objects, and avoid contact with those with a strep infection.

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