When Should Your Child Not Attend School


FEVER- 100 degrees or greater. Must be fever free, without the use of fever reducing medication, for 24 hours. 

VOMITING/DIARRHEA- Both of these are usually caused by a "stomach virus." Your child may return to school when there are no episodes for 24 hours, eating a regular diet and fever free without medication.

STREP THROAT- Must be on antibiotics for 24 hours, able to eat a regular diet and fever free without medication.

PINK EYE/CONJUNCTIVITIS- Must be on antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours and eyes must be clear (no redness or drainage).

CHICKENPOX- ALL blisters/vesicles must be completely scabbed/dried and fever free without medication.

FIFTH DISEASE- May return to school with rash as long as fever free for 24 hours and with doctor's approval.

COUGH/COLD- The common cold is a contagious upper respiratory infection cause by cold viruses. Symptoms can last 7-14 days. Keep your child home if they have deep or uncontrollable coughing or a significant lack of energy.

UNDIAGNOSED RASH or IMPETIGO- Must have a doctor's note stating diagnosis and treatment.

HEAD LICE- Must be treated and be louse and nit free. School nurse must check upon return to school.

RINGWORM- Must have a doctor's note indicating treatment.

24 hours after treatment.


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