First Day of Kindergarten
‚ÄčI am sure that excitement and nerves are growing as our first day of school approaches.  It will be a very busy and long day, so make sure that your Kindergartener gets a good nights sleep.

Upon arrival your child will be guided to the school cafeteria where they will be greeted by a teacher.  They will sit at our class table until all of our friends arrive.  We will then walk to our classroom.  During the day we will meet our new friends, learn songs, explore our classroom, and read books.   We will have a dry snack at 10:00 and lunch at 12:10, you may want to have a special snack bag in their backpacks for their snacks.  Your child may bring lunch or buy lunch for $2.20 (please see the Lunch Time link on Millbridge home page for the daily menu).  We will have Choice Time (socialization play) at 2:00 and they will end the day with their Special class.  

Please make sure that your child wears their bus tag for the first two weeks of school.  If there are any changes to your child's dismissal procedures, please notify the transportation department, the main office and me.  You may send a note in your child's folder for this purpose.   Please do not make any changes to bus assignments without first speaking to the transportation department.  

Thank you 

Ms. Meunier 

Transportation & Support Services Department
22 Hartford Road
Delran, NJ 08075 

Phone Number: 856-461-1553
Fax Number: 856-764-7750

Office Hours: 8:00 - 3:30

 Al Powell - Maintenance Supervisor

 Sandra Jankowski - Transportation Supervisor

 Sandra Perkins - Purchasing Agent

 Lynn Agnew - Secretary