Meet Our Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Kristen Howe

Millbridge Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year 2020

Teacher of the Year

We are truly pleased to announce Kristin Howe as the Millbridge Elementary School‘s 2020 Teacher of the Year.  Kristin is a kindergarten teacher.

Kristin is truly an educator who exemplifies going above and beyond. Whenever you encounter this teacher, she exudes positivity and compassion. She is committed to ensuring that staff and students alike are successful and she often devotes hours of her own time volunteering on committees or working to ensure that activities and initiatives that she is a part of roll out smoothly. She is child centered and relentless committed to helping ensure students thrive socially, emotionally and academically.

In her classroom, she embraces every child that she teaches and works diligently to meet their needs, learning new techniques and strategies. She develops strong home-school relationships, with students and parents alike with many returning to visit and staying in contact years later. She has welcomed Tomorrow’s Teachers and aspiring teachers into her classroom. She has served on a host of curricular committees, building committees and the DEA, often assuming a leadership role.

When our community began to see an increase of English Language learners, Kristin welcomed the students into her class and committed to deepening her own professional knowledge, which she readily and frequently shares with her colleagues. Her passion continues to impact students our ELL students as she collaborated with her colleagues to enhance some of our new ELL program offerings. 

Kristin is truly committed to making Millbridge a better place for staff and students alike. 

In her nominations, one of her colleagues stated that “her hard work and dedication to teaching and communicating our "Bear Paw Values" have done a lot to change the culture of Millbridge and have made the character values of Respectfulness, Responsibility, Caring and Helpfulness part of the very fabric of our School.” From the beautiful medallion at the entrance to the school, to the hallways, to the cafeteria, her impact on the PBSIS committee can be seen. Another nomination stated that colleagues “can count on her to lend a hand when needed and help calm their fears when they encounter problems with students or curriculum.” You only have to enter the kindergarten hallway to see evidence of her compassion, kindness and commitment. 

It is for these reasons and many more that we are proud to recognize this year’s Teacher of the Year….Mrs. Kristin Howe.