Sight Words
Kindergarten Sight Words
Listed below are the sight words your child must know by the end of kindergarten.  Starting in October, 4 new words will be introduced each week. Please review and practice these words on a daily basis. Your support is GREATLY appreciated!!! :)


Week 1: me we he be

Week 2: no go so the

Week 3: will are as has

Week 4: my by to do

Week 5: look like day say

Week 6: see saw now how

Week 7: ball all boy girl

Week 8: play was is his

Week 9: her she put you

Week 10: of out too eat

Week 11: read they this then

Week 12: for or come a

Week 13: I it if in

Week 14: and am at an

Week 15: us up on had

Week 16: got get can not

Week 17: did him went yes

Week 18 run ran man jump

Week 19: sit sat mom