2nd Grade - Mrs. Dillon & Mrs. Juliani

Welcome to our website!
We are Mrs. Dillon and Mrs. Juliani, and we are co-teachers in Room 300! This is Mrs. Dillon's first year in 2nd grade. She has taught kindergarten, first grade, and just recently, transitional first grade. She is married (for many years), and has two sons and two dogs. She loves to read, travel and spend time with her family and friends, especially at the beach.
Mrs. Juliani has also be teaching for many years in kindergarten and second grade. She is married and has four precious sons! She loves to read, but most of all, she loves to spend every minute possible with her 5 men!

There is a list of 2nd grade supplies on the Millbridge website. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at cdillon@delranschools.org and sjuliani@delranschools.org.

We can't wait to meet you on Thursday, Sept. 7!We will meet you in the Gym and can't wait to see those adorable faces! Gym will be Friday so be sure to wear sneakers. Also, don't forget a healthy snack and lunch everyday unless you are planning on purchasing lunch. We do have a few allergies in our class so please no peanut butter or peanut products until we have had a chance to send out an approved snack list. Parents, your child will have a fun assignment for the very first night. Be sure to check his/her folder for instructions! 
Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!