Physical Education -Murphy, Jaime
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 My goal for all my Phys. Ed. students is to have them active, learning, and safe while in class with me. To do their part, students need to come to class prepared. Please see the information below about proper footwear. My contact information is also below. Please reach out to me at any time throughout the year. I am looking forward to a great year together! 
Contact information:
Email Address:
Phone number:
(856) 461-2900   x7154
sneaker To ensure that each student can participate safely, please be aware that proper foootwear is required on your child's "Phys. Ed. Day"
- Footwear must have a rubber sole, be secure on the foot and cover the toes and heels of the foot.
- Students without proper footwear will not be permitted to participate and will be given an alternative assignment for the day.
- Further information available in "Virtual Backpack" link on Millbridge homepage