Kindergarten - McHugh, Kathy

Hello Kindergarten Families! Welcome to the McHugh Crew Website!

Teacher: Mrs. Kathy McHugh
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Phone number: 856-461-2900  ext. 7142

March 25, 2020

****Daily/Weekly Updates of information and support will be listed under the "WHAT'S NEW WITH OUR CREW"  section of this webpage! ****

Please be sure to email me with any questions or concerns during our Remote Learning experience!

March 13, 2020

Hello McHugh Crew Families! 
With the recent announcement of school closures for health and safety reasons, many families will wonder how to keep their child learning and assured that in the coming days, information will be shared regarding remote home learning packets that you and/or or your child's caregiver can support to keep your child's skills sharp!

I will be posting information, here on my website, in the hope of providing ideas and tips to make your days meaningful and fun!  It is important that with whatever work you are engaging in with your child, you allow THEM to do the work and truly guard against providing the information or answers until they have made a good attempt to use what they know in completing the remote assignments!  Allowing your child several minutes to think and work through something can be a real gift tp them as you allow them to "check their mental files" for information and strategies they have learned.  You can essentially be their guide on the side!

Much of what they will have to complete is based on known information and skill sets!  Please be sure to check our "What's New with our Crew"  tab for website and online resource links that can also provide fun activities to keep your little one busy and happy!

Please take care, stay safe, healthy and happy!  I will be checking email daily and will provide support as best as I can to ensure that our sweet crew continues to grow and thrive!  I know that not many families check this website, so if you do, and find the information helpful, spread the word as you plan for playdates or other limited interactions with friends.

Have a great day...and check back often!
Mrs. McHugh