This week in Second Grade -
                          This Week In Second Grade
                           October 22nd - October 26th


   If you plan to bring a birthday treat in for your child, please
let me know ahead of time what the treat will be. Due to allergies in the classroom please review the list of approved treats under the tab "Safe Snacks List" (Philly Pretzels are not a safe snack for allergy classrooms).  Thank you!

Fundations: This week in Fundations we will continue Unit 3. We will learn vowel teams ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, oi, oy. We will also learn glued sounds -ild, -ind, -ost, -old, and -olt. Please complete the practice packet. Quiz will be on Friday, October 26th.

Reading Workshop: We will begin Unit 2: Becoming Experts Reading Nonfiction. The first Bend focuses on "Thinking Hard and Growing Knowledge" Noticing and asking questions as we read.

Writing Workshop: We will continue Unit 1 in Writer's Workshop: Lessons from the Masters, Improving Narrative Writing. We will study Master authors to get ideas for capturing story ideas and stretching out small moments. We will focus on writing strong endings to our stories and revising. 

Math Workshop: We will continue Chapter 2 which focuses on  adding equal groups and skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. This week we will learn arrays.

​Social Studies: ​We will continue our first Unit: Communities. We discuss needs and wants, identifying the difference and learning where we can get our needs and wants met. Our quiz will be on Wednesday.

                          This Week/Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 31st: Parade