This week in Second Grade -
                          This Week In Second Grade
                                 April 16th - April 20th


   If you plan to bring a birthday treat in for your child, please
let me know ahead of time what the treat will be. Due to allergies in the classroom please review the list of approved treats under the tab "Safe Snacks List" (Philly Pretzels are not a safe snack for allergy classrooms).  Thank you!

Math: We will continue Unit 8: We will review even and odd numbers. We will practice strategies for the subtracting and adding double digit numbers. We will also practice our fact fluency and worked towards our goal of becoming fluent in math facts by the end of 2nd grade.

Reading: We will begin Unit 5: Fairytales. We will practice "putting ourselves in the characters shoes" as we read.

Writing: We will continue Unit 3 Opinion: Writing About Reading. We will continue Bend 3, adding quotes to support our opinion. We will also make introductions and conclusions for our writing.

Fundations: We will continue Unit 12, two more vowel teams: oi-coin and oy - boy. Trick words: favorite, early, and ocean
Our quiz will be on Friday.

Science: We will begin Unit 3: Life Science. We will plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.
                          This Week/Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 26th:  "Bring Your Child to Work" Day
Early Dismissal 1pm. Pack a hearty snack or lunch. The cafeteria will be closed.