Meet our ESP of the Year

Mrs. Michelle Kerper

Delran School District’s Education Service Professional of the Year for 2018

Mrs. Kerper serves as a Behaviorist for the Delran school district.  She is an exceptional person who goes above and beyond daily to serve the students of our district. While she is a BCBA for the Grade 1-2 Autism classroom overseeing their current ABA programs, she is also involved in supporting colleagues and students throughout the entire district.  She has spearheaded the RBT training to provide professional development for Paraprofessionals working with our students daily.  She has implemented collaboration meetings between educational service providers and teachers on a bi-monthly basis to help support students effectively and encourage an open cooperative dialogue among colleagues to work together and ensure our students are successful.  Michelle’s support extends throughout our school district for students and staff.

Mrs. Kerper’s personal demeanor towards colleagues, paraprofessionals and all students she services is unmatched.  Mrs. Kerper carries this positive presentation over when she is working with parents, even when the message she needs to convey is challenging.  Mrs. Kerper truly integrates the traits of sincerity, integrity and genuine warmth into every conversation and feedback conference she attends- she ensures that one leaves a meeting understanding their role in helping a child succeed.  


Mrs. Kerper uses methods, strategies and ideas that are cutting edge, with research based support that is current and effective.  Her implementation of behavior plans doesn’t end with the initial protocol but is monitored and modified if needed; to provide both the educator and the student with the most relevant plan/idea that will guarantee success.


Mrs. Kerper is an amazing staff member that really stands out as an outstanding educational service provider.  Her caring nature, calm and encouraging demeanor along with her knowledge and integrity are truly exceptional!  It is with great pleasure that we recognize Michelle Kerper as the 2018 Education Service Professional of the Year!